Ashley Greene Video Project - I NEED YOU!

Project now closed - no longer accepting submissions.

Thanks so much to the people below for participating!
Azra (@OhAshleyG)
Tanya Johnson (@Bubbles204)
Bret Joseph Muraski (@unite_and_fight)
Hind Zaamoun (@hindolovemag)
Pamela Guinevere Kelly
Malena Srur (@missstarlightx)
Ashley Greene Central (@Ash_greeneorg)
Philippa (@AshSten)
Romina Bianchetto (@RomyBrittany)
Abbie Wilkie
Riyaz Loonat
Laura Balitro (@ImAshleyAss)
Larissa (@greenemydiva)
@Twi_MyHeart - Message
Shona Joanna Simmons (@shonajoanna)
Sara (@AshGreeneITALIA)
Andrea Jonas
Mailen (@AshGreeneArg)
Vee Elle
Anna Cipollone Buttram

The video is here!!!

To get Ashley to see this - we need to tweet her the link, but lets be honest. If everyone constantly tweets her with a link, it's more likely she's not going to look at it.

Please don't send duplicate tweets ending in numbers - that's spam.

We could ask her friends to help show it to her but remember that they're not on Twitter as a route to communicating with Ashley - they're on Twitter for themselves, not for their celebrity friend.
So please please please be respectful to them, I really don't want them getting annoyed with people pestering them to show Ashley a video.
Most likely they won't be with Ashley anyway - Ashley's in Savannah filming CBGB

Please note that this will probably take time - she may not always have time to check her mentions, so we may be here a while tweeting her the video. Hopefully she'll get to see it eventually, but don't expect results straight away! :)

Thank you all SO much for taking part, I never thought this would be so successful, and I'm really excited for you all to see the finished video! :)

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